Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Take Two Asanas And Call Me In The Morning.

The Baby Boomer’s (and their babies’) prescription for supporting a healthy, active life style. 

Remember when doctors made house calls?  Probably not and actually I don't either.  But I do remember when the recommended prescription for a mild headache, fever, or pain was “take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” Of course, that was forty something years ago when house calls didn’t imply night calls and before endless scientific studies suggested aspirin might not only be somewhat taxing on the stomach but may actually be contraindicated for a variety of medical conditions. 

Fast-forward and leap into our modern day world, swarming with high energy, well educated, health conscious, BUT (dare I say it), aging Baby Boomers. 

Welcome to the generation that is not only determined to resist the rigors of aging, but is committed to embracing our age and pursuing renewed dreams, goals, and challenges with an open mind and healthy body. 

So, what do today’s health care providers prescribe when we decline aspirin and prefer ice to Advil? Yoga, of course. Instead of “take two aspirin and call me in the morning”, it’s take two asanas ((the sanskrit word for a yoga pose) and get your body moving. 

However, Baby Boomers also tend to be results oriented, impatient and occasionally self- absorbed. We’ll train tirelessly for months to compete in a 10k run or 100 mile bike race, but we want quick and easy remedies for the game stopping pain that stings our knees burn our ankles, or freezes our shoulders. Better yet, we want to prevent those injuries before they sideline us. 

Therefore, whether your focus is prevention or healing, Take Two Asanas and Call Me In The Morning may be the perfect prescription to help you subdue your body’s complaints so you can pursue your baby boomer dreams. 


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