With or without aromatherapy, gently weighted eye pillows can help relax the muscles behind and around the eyes and nose which can then trigger a relaxation response in the muscles in the cheeks, jaw, chin and neck. This is why eye pillows have become so popular for savasana, the final resting pose of a yoga practice.

Since eye pillows block out light and relax muscles, they are ideal for a variety of "therapeutic" uses including, nap therapy, massage therapy, meditation, resting fatigued eyes, and, of course, savasana. Be sure your eye pillows are easily accessible by placing them in closets, drawers or simply resting them on your pillow to infuse a fresh scent into your room and as a scentsual reminder to take time to relax the body and calm the mind.

When combined with essential oils, scented eye pillows may offer additional therapeutic value for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health.

So, when selecting an eye pillow, why choose ScentusaulEyePillows?

As an experienced user of eye pillows, I have given a great deal of thought to the characteristics I have found most desirable in eye pillows and those that I have found most irritating. I want my eye pillows to appeal to the "senses" and the "scentses." Most important, of course, is comfort so I want the weight to be gentle and relaxing, the fabric to look soothing and calming, and the texture to feel soft, sensual, and luxurious. I want to be able to easily wash and dry the outer pillow and adjust, refill or change the scent as needed or desired. So, with all of these thoughts in mind, I designed Scentsual Eye Pillows to provide you with a high quality product that can be used and reused to suit your mood and scentses.  

You can choose from a wide variety of fabrics and scents or choose unscented.  100% organic options are available.  Discover why these "scentsually" appealing eye pillows are simply the best!   Shop Now.